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About Us

Grown by us, designed by you.

We offer our locally grown flowers and foliage by the bucket so you can use them any way you like.  Whether it be for a flower bar at a birthday celebration, your dream bridal bouquet, or anything in between - we love sharing our blooms en masse.

Our Impact

Being mindful of our environment

When we started growing flowers we knew that we wanted to do so as organically as possible.  We choose not to spray our plants, instead we use other methods to control pests and fungal issues.  The nutrients we feed the flowers with are always in the form of organic fertilizers or compost.  At the end of the day we feel good knowing our flowers are not only beautiful to look at but are also having a positive impact on the biodiversity of the garden.

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Think globally, buy locally

The United States spends $1.8 billion every year on flowers - more than any other country in the world.  About 80% of that is imported, coming from countries who have a history of using chemical fertilizers, toxic pesticides, and unfair labor practices.  It is estimated that 45% of flowers in the global market die before they're even able to be sold.  By buying local flowers you're not only supporting small farms but also helping minimize the carbon footprint of the flower industry.


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